Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead 2014

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2014) แมดแบร์รี่ ถล่มซอมบี้ ผีแก๊สโซฮอล์

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead  Along with his wife Annie, Mechanic Barry as well as their daughter Meganne, he lives in the Australian Outback. Barry’s sister Brooke is victimized by her assistant model at her Bulla Victoria studio during a meteor Shower. She calls Barry and advises Barry to leave the city. Barry, Annie, and Meganne don gas masks and fight for their family vehicle. Meganne, Annie and Barry get infected with the gas masks and become zombies. Barry must then kill the three with an ax. He runs out of nails before he can kill himself.

Chalker Another survivor discovers Barry and knocks him unconscious after Barry is attempting to kill himself using Chalker’s gun. Barry asks Chalker for help to get him to Brooke’s Studio. He is unaware that a paramilitary unit has taken Barry prisoner in the back seat of a truck, which acts as a mobile laboratory for mad scientist Doc. Chalker’s truck suddenly stops working while Doc tests on Brooke and the zombies. Chalker and Barry continue to walk, and Benny another survivor mistakenly kills Chalker. Barry and Benny who previously been forced to kill their infected brother together, find an unmanned garage with Frank and his assistant. Frank states that all liquids that are flammable have been discarded. But, the group finds that blood and zombie breath are flammable and come up with a zombie-powered engine. During their escape, Frank’s assistant becomes infected and is utilized as fuel.

Frank, Benny and Barry discover that zombies no longer inhale flammable gas during the night. This allows them to run faster. When they are huddled in the truck for the night, Frank says he believes that the zombies came from the meteor shower; as mentioned in the Bible, a star called Wyrmwood is down, rendering an entire world bitter. After waking up from a nightmare, Barry is able to catch a zombie that is burning and ignites the compressor of the truck. Frank gets bit while Barry is trying to put out the flames. Barry agrees to shoot Frank. Barry and Benny meet paramilitary personnel in a truck powered by electricity the next day. After they reveal that only people with A-negative blood types are affected by the disease they offer to take Barry and Benny to Brooke. Brooke is said to be held in a nearby jail. Meanwhile, Brooke learns she can effectively control zombies an outcome of the research. She kills Doc with the aid of several zombies and escapes from the truck to join Barry and Benny.

Barry’s truck stalls after the soldiers killed the zombie that is powering it. While taking an pit stop for Brooke to fetch them a zombie, Benny is shot in the stomach. After they stop to help Benny and the soldiers come up and take them down. The soldiers announce their plan is to kill Brooke and take her head to their commander officer. Barry plans to kill them all with an explosion, however Benny rather sacrifices himself and transforms into a zombie so Brooke can control him to defeat the soldiers. Brooke is shot in the chest the captain after he kills two of the three soldiers. Barry confronts the captain in an altercation, but is shot in the end after the captain takes out his pistol. After shooting a zombie the captain’s face is splattered with zombie blood and Barry ignites his head with the matches. Before Barry can shoot him, Brooke rises and commands the zombies to consume the captain alive.

Back on the road, Barry and Brooke come upon the truck again. They request the soldiers to explain what they have in the rear of the truck. If they do not respond, Brooke commands a new group of zombies to take on them and to tear them to pieces.

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